From Harry

Last year I had plans to record my Harry and Helen Letters and did not.  
still have people asking me about them so I'm going to try again.

September 27, 1943
Fort Benning
Harrison, Indiana

Dearest Helen,

Well, today I am a soldier.  We arrived here about 11:30.  Waited for awhile.   Then some Capt. MD looked down our throats and then short arm inspection (I told you so).  I'm am writing this in a hurry.  Hope you can read some.

We are now assigned to beds and barracks.  We have practiced making beds.  The army doesn't use the same method you do.  Yours is easier.  I doubt very much if anything can be arranged for Sunday.  Will let you know later.  They told us that we wouldn't be here for more than 5 or 6 days.  We don't know for sure.  So mail a few letters.  My address is
Pvt. Harry Teague, US Army
Co. A. Reception Center
Ft. Bening, Harrison, Indiana

We had roast beef, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and onions for dinner.  Tea to drink.  Was pretty good.  Well honey, I have to sign off now.  So I'll close by telling you I love you very much.

Love, Harry

p.s. we have tests, shots, and get uniforms tomorrow.  Busy day!