WWII Wednesday - From Harry

Tuesday, September 28, 1943

Hello Darling,

Boy has your hubby been a busy chicken today.  Up at 5:00, Chow - 5:15, Lecture 6:30.  Tests from 7:15 - 11:45.  I got a 118 on the army General classification.  It takes 105 for an air cadet, 115 for OCS so I am in Class II above average. Class I is from 130 to 150.  We had about 45 off for lunch then insurance and bonds and our interview.  I still don't know how or where I will be sent or what branch of the army I will be in.

I am afraid that Sunday is definitely out.  They are tighter than the very devil with passes.  One of the barrack leaders was selling passes and showers to new fellows as they came in.  He was courtmartialed and was sentenced to 4 years hard labor.  Served him right.

The army is not so bad, of course I'd rather be home with you but of course it is my duty to defend my home and family.  So don't worry about me.  I will take care of myself.  

We haven't our uniforms yet but are supposed to get them tomorrow pm.  I sure hope so - this shirt is beginning to stink.  I am afraid to wash it because it might not get dry.  Well, I have 15 minutes to shave and be ready to go to a training film.

There are some papers enclosed which you should save.  You can send me 3 or 4 wire coat hangers.  Tomorrow I should have a little more time to write.  The food isn't bad - not as good as yours.

Write to Mom and Dad.

How are you getting along with the car?

Love, Harry  

My notes: It's so impressive to me how the country asked for men to leave their homes and jobs - and the call was answered.  For the simple reason - defending the very things they had to leave.  One week Harry is driving a truck the next week he's wearing a stinky shirt and can't even tell his wife what he's doing next week.  But he takes responsibility to do his duty.  And he has the calm collectiveness to report home with a newsy letter and express his concern for Helen, his parents (and apparently the car - lol).