Trials of Tuesday

"Trials of Tuesday" is a pretty lame attempt at a blog theme. I figured Tuesdays could be a mixed bag of whatever is happening.

At first I considered "Table Tuesday". Maybe I'd take a picture of my table and discuss the latest projects? Then I took this picture and well, it just looks messy. Busy, but messy. And it would probably look pretty much the same each Tuesday.

I mean, it might work if I show closeups of the various projects on the table. But then there is the fact that I don't like to show custom designs until after the event. I feel the guests of the event should be the ones to enjoy the invites first. I will give a sneak peak of one I just finished and really, REALLY like.

So then I thought of "Photography Tuesday". I took a shot of the photos that hang in our office. These are the wedding photos of our parents and grandparents. When we got married my dad made little picture holders and we had these photo grouped around our cake. I really liked the touch of having a reminder of the happy days of our family members who have been married years and years.

This one (a photo of my great grandparents on the Schmidt side) doesn't appear on my wall but it's a favorite of mine. Of course this was back when you weren't supposed to be frivolous. Buying (more likely making) a serviceable black dress made a lot more sense back then. This serene looking bride probably wore her wedding dress for years.
Wonder what her wedding invite looked like?

Now how about a shower invite?
Ashley gets married this weekend and she is READY!

Finally, a Christmas gift idea.
I designed these for the Friends of the New Bremen Library. They are sold at the Library and the New Bremen Coffee Company and Books.
10 note cards and envelopes for $10.00.
It's a great stocking stuffer and a really nice gift for someone who lives in New Bremen or used to live in New Bremen. I'll report more later this week with all the details of this great fundraiser.

Well, a busy Tuesday awaits!
Hope you have a wonderful day!