Husband and Wife Landscaping

It's been awhile since my last post, with good reason. I've been super busy with a multitude of brides and various projects. I'm looking forward to the summer, have been faithfully attending my pilates and zumba classes and according to the post title, doing a bit of landscaping.

First off, I'm not the worlds greatest gardener. I'm more of an "appreciator" of great landscaping. But I try to keep up and do my part by planting a couple flats of annuals and of course a garden heavy with tomatoes. This year Adam commented that we need to plant perennials so we have less work in the spring. So in addition to my petunias I planted a Bleeding Heart bush (very pretty delicate little blooms). My neighbor offered me some of her hostas that she was planning on eliminating from their much more impressive landscaping, so I hopped on that and moved the hardy plants to my yard.

Now, let's talk about my husband and his thoughts (or in this case his actions) in the landscaping realm. He's a mulcher which is great. The town offers free mulch which is actually pretty decent mulch. Last night he works until he can no longer see. He's cleaned up the grape vines (our own little vineyard) behind our home, yanked out all the sticklers and dug up some random tulips bulbs. Then a fresh layer of mulch and his own decorations. I laughed out loud when I went out there this morning.

My idea of pretty

His idea of pretty

A close up of what made me laugh.
His prized cattle heads from Jackson County, each artfully adorned with a fading tulip.

Compromise is everything in a marriage.