Why Facebook is Awesome

I forgot that my favorite ice cream place is opening today.  Because of the beauty of Facebook I was reminded (via my sister-in-laws post) of this piece of information on this lovely almost spring day!

I'm too busy to post anything more exciting but I will tell this special story. 

I had an appointment today with a MOB (mother of the bride - for those of you not familiar with the bridal lingo) The bride lives out of town and couldn't make it in this weekend.  Shower invites, however, were urgent so the MOB had to book a visit.

The MOB had spent several days in the brides city helping with wedding plans.  She had actually left the bride this morning and made the 100 mile trek back to our neck of the woods.  After the MOB left the bride called me to get my address and to clue me in that she was having flowers delivered to the office to thank her mother for all her help.

I was SO excited for that MOB to show up.  The mother was so surprised.  And pleased.  And she cried just a little.  Then I did too.

It was very sweet and a nice reminder to thank those that are helping us.  Pay it forward people!! 

And have a lovely weekend!