What do these have in common?

- Glue Sticks after a table of children have completed their Easter Craft (oh, say, about ages 12 and under)

- A great tasting rack of BBQ Ribs (full rack, if you please)

- The floor at the corner of High and Patterson after an epic Tiki-Fest (ahhhh, you know who you are)

- The blob of pink bubble gum, baking on the pavement of a Target parking lot, RIGHT OUTSIDE your car door

- Fly strips at the beginning of the summer (not so much towards the end)

Answer - they are all STICKY.  And so are my custom labels.  Prices range from $0.75 - $1.75 per sheet.  Labels are great for party favors, wine bottles, gift bags.  

You can also give labels as a gift.  Bookplates for their personal library, personalized labels for people who can lots of fruits and veggies or puts out a killer salsa.  I gave my mom, an avid baker, labels that she could apply to the baked goods she gives away.  She loved it.