I'm failing my own challenge

OH, no.

My intention to design, print and post a new design daily has escaped me. My friend Laura taunted me, TAUNTED me about it. While Sara Paper has mostly been chugging along (note to patient brides - all your proofs will be complete this week) there have been a couple bumps in the road elsewhere.

Preparing for a couple holiday shows, a few days devoted to family due to a funeral, and the unexpected installation of a hot water heater took it's toll and something (the November Challenge) had to give. A special thank you to my 6'5" husband Adam for wedging himself into a very, very small utility closet to change the water heater. He worked all day, went to class and then worked into the night to ensure I did not have to take a cold shower in the AM.

At any rate I have at least one new design to post. It's for the Holiday Show at Art Place in St. Marys. (138 East Spring Street, St. Marys) I will have a TON of notecards for sale. I'll be sharing space will a lot of great(er) artists. If you are looking for a unique gift, check them out. The show kicks off November 15 with an Artist Reception and runs through January.

"Hello Chickie" In honor of "Crafty Friend Kat"

And this one for aforementioned Miss Laura, who seems to enjoy penquins.

And now for another bride. Kelly Niblick married John (JD) Hawkins on October 18, 2008. I just love her bridal party who wore rust, a deep red and chocolate. Beautiful!

Weekend Recap - Famous Husband and Lots of Food

We're pretty excited around here. We might inherit some big money. No, we're not rooting for some long lost relative to pass on so we get their stash. We're rooting for the folks at Deal or No Deal to call my husband and invite him to be on the show.

Saturday afternoon my husband Adam went to Piqua and joined 5,000 other eager participants, all waiting for a chance to interview for the honor. After 5 hours Adam had a 20 second shot to tell them everything about himself. They liked what they saw and sent him on to the second round! After the second round he was asked to stay and answer some interview type questions. They scribbled a bunch of stuff on the back of his application and told everyone who had made it this far that they'd be in touch!

He ran into my cousin Paula and her boyfriend, who also made it to the second round, though when I called them later they informed met that they didn't make it to the extended interview portion. Bummer. With 5,000 people in attendance I'm surprised he didn't see anyone else he knew.

Adam kept pretty busy while in line handing out Sara Paper business cards. If you are the recipient of one of those cards allow me to say "welcome" and "hello". I should also apologize if Adam was much trouble. I'm impressed he stuck it out so long, usually he gets pretty antsy and starts acting up.

To the guy that called Adam out by accusing him of being nervous . . .GOOD CALL. Not much scares him but my husband never shuts up, unless he's really nervous.

Probably one of my favorite things about weekends is dining out. Even if I work all weekend, which I did, I am happy if I get to go somewhere good for dinner. Friday night my friend Patti came to town and we enjoyed chinese food and conversation. Saturday night Adam took me to La Carreta, the new mexican joint in Celina, Ohio. Yummmmmy! Oh it was good. The place was packed with people all having a good time.

Then Sunday night we delivered a sign to Guarnieri Pizzeria in St. Marys, Ohio. While I didn't design their great logo I print their menus and helped Ang with the photos on the wall of their beautifully redecorated place. The food is awesome! If you're going to be in St. Marys give them a call and pick up dinner.

So all in all, it was a great weekend. I was very productive with my work, my husband is on the pathway to fame, and we all ate well. Life is good!