Busy, busy, busy . . .

A fun jam packed day today. Now I'm relaxing with a coffee and getting ready to dive in again. Lots of jobs in the design mode finally getting moved into the printed proof mode. This is always a fun but time-consuming day. It's fun because I finally get to print the proofs on the fancy paper and hope they look exactly as I envisioned them. It can be time-consuming because one thing usually leads to another and I start pulling out all kinds of paper and random ribbon that I think might add to a design.

And then I have to do a mini photo shoot so I can remember when the heck I mailed. By the time a bride looks them over and shares them with her family and friends, a couple months can easily pass. I don't know about you but I tend to forget the little details and I hate thinking, "oh crap, did I print that on shimmer paper or linen."

I won't share any of the photos of the proofs from today (that's cheating) but I'll show you what the top of my table looks like right now.

Lots of fun colors for a beach wedding (I'm so jealous.)

Oh well, moving on . . . Let's see what Harry and Helen have to say today. I should have started with the very first letter but that box was behind the other boxes and I was a little too lazy to dig it out. Today I took the extra two minutes and pulled out the box with the starting letter.
September 27, 1943
Ft. Bening,
Harrison, Indiana

Dearest Helen,
Well, today I am a soldier. We arrived here about 11:30. Waited for awhile. Then some Capt. MD looked down our throats and then short arm inspection. (I told you so). I am writing this in a hurry. Hope you can read some (Note: this letter was very sloppy. I thought "great, I paid $40 for three boxes of paper that I can't even read". But Harry ended up having nice penmanship)

We now are assigned to beds and barracks. We have practiced making beds. The army doesn't use the same method you do. Yours is easier (Note: Harry has a dry wit, I've noticed)

I doubt very much anything can be arranged for Sunday. Will let you know later. They told us that we wouldn't be here for more than 5 or 6 days. We don't know for sure. So mail a few letters.

We had roast beef, boiled potatoes, tomatos, carrots and onions for dinner. Tea to drink. Was pretty good (Note: Harry often reports his meals to Helen, which actually ends up being pretty interesting to me)

Well Honey, I have to sign off now. So I'll close by telling you I love you very, very much.

Love, Harry

P.S. We have tests, shots and get uniforms tomorrow. Busy day.
Okay, so that wasn't the most romantic letter in the world but by the time 1946 rolls around Harry digs deeper into the depths of his heart and it's very touching. I'm looking for a great one for Valentines Day.

November Challenge - Catching Up

Since it's already the third day of November I decided to sort of cheat with my November Challenge. So I printed some old proofs from a bride who got married way back in September. This is a good opportunity to describe how Sara Paper works.

My normal process for meeting with a couple is this.

First meeting (which is free by the way) - We sit around, look through albums and chat about what you'd like your ideal bridal invitations to look like. Sometimes people find the perfect thing in one of the 9 Carlson Craft Albums I carry. For a standard order I collect a 50% deposit and call you when the order arrives (usually within 2 weeks). If you opt to go the custom route I ask for a $25 deposit.

Step Two - I design several samples based on our conversation. I print them and mail them to you so you have the opportunity to see them for yourself. These proofs are not "perfect" but they give you a good idea of whether you like the direction I am going.

Step Three - You pick the favorite design and I make the needed changes. I tweak, design matching cards and envelopes. If you wish I will mail you a final proof. At this time I ask for 50% deposit before I continue on.

Step Four - You pick up your invites!!!!

It sounds too easy, right? Well, I admit, it's not quite that easy. I mean these are custom invites. Sometimes it takes extra effort to "get inside" someones head. There are often ideas and suggestions along the way which add to the process. But that's okay. In the end you have invitations that reflect YOUR wedding.

So, in my examples below, Stephanie and Darin were looking for a perfect mix of her fun colors of pink and green and her desire to do an outdoorsy theme. They were getting married outside after all. So the following designs are some of her proofs. She ended up choosing a photo invite with a nice overlay but these proofs were unique and fun - just like Stephanie and Darin.