Trials of Tuesday

"Trials of Tuesday" is a pretty lame attempt at a blog theme. I figured Tuesdays could be a mixed bag of whatever is happening.

At first I considered "Table Tuesday". Maybe I'd take a picture of my table and discuss the latest projects? Then I took this picture and well, it just looks messy. Busy, but messy. And it would probably look pretty much the same each Tuesday.

I mean, it might work if I show closeups of the various projects on the table. But then there is the fact that I don't like to show custom designs until after the event. I feel the guests of the event should be the ones to enjoy the invites first. I will give a sneak peak of one I just finished and really, REALLY like.

So then I thought of "Photography Tuesday". I took a shot of the photos that hang in our office. These are the wedding photos of our parents and grandparents. When we got married my dad made little picture holders and we had these photo grouped around our cake. I really liked the touch of having a reminder of the happy days of our family members who have been married years and years.

This one (a photo of my great grandparents on the Schmidt side) doesn't appear on my wall but it's a favorite of mine. Of course this was back when you weren't supposed to be frivolous. Buying (more likely making) a serviceable black dress made a lot more sense back then. This serene looking bride probably wore her wedding dress for years.
Wonder what her wedding invite looked like?

Now how about a shower invite?
Ashley gets married this weekend and she is READY!

Finally, a Christmas gift idea.
I designed these for the Friends of the New Bremen Library. They are sold at the Library and the New Bremen Coffee Company and Books.
10 note cards and envelopes for $10.00.
It's a great stocking stuffer and a really nice gift for someone who lives in New Bremen or used to live in New Bremen. I'll report more later this week with all the details of this great fundraiser.

Well, a busy Tuesday awaits!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

It was a crazy Friday Night!

You accept that your life is a little boring when your big plans for the weekend include assembling millions of invitations. Truth is, I don't really mind. I invited Krafty Friend Kat to my house on Friday night for a little gabfest to keep me company while I completed a couple order. We had a good time, working well into the night. We chatted about our dream projects and the things we'd do someday and when we had the time. You can cover a lot of ground working through the following supplies.

A whole bin full of daisy brads. we used them all!
Two stacks of beautiful pink.

Also, I keep forgetting to report on an awesome new website that I think will be very valuable to brides in the Auglaize/Mercer County areas. It's called My friend Kellie Keck of Pearls and a Black Dress Makeup Artistry started it. I haven't officially joined yet (sorry Kellie -soon, I promise, soon!) but I think it's just awesome. I'll report more later.

Lots of things coming up. Sunday, March 22 is a First Communion Dress Try-On Day at Emmy's Bridal in Minster. I'll have a table with some cute designs. The Administrative Professional Day Luncheon is happening in April. Also in April is the Third Annual MAC Wing-Fest at the New Bremen American Legion. So maybe life isn't so boring after all.

And now, Harry and Helen . . .
November 24, 1943
Dearest Harry,
Betty and I are out here at 3620 waiting for the fire to burn so we can go to bed. I don't know why I'm so tired all the time. I worked right straight through tonight until 7:30. Mr. Koerbers financial advisor was in today to see if we can possibly get an increase in pay. I know $2.00 extra a week would sure help me out. (note: wow!) Mr. Koerber asks me very often how you are and also said that we must be very devoted to one another. I surely assured him too.

After we got home this evening, Mr. Whitenack came over with the garage rent. I forgot to tell you but he has cleaned up the garage and changed sides with me. I told Mr. Whitenack to keep that money for cleaning it up but he wouldn't hear of it.

Gee darling, I love you so much and just wish I could tell you some different way, so until then we'll let Uncle Sam's postal service help us out. I shall always love you though darling. I just wish my prayers would be answered. Do I pray for you to be home? Yes, but others to be home too - for the whole d--- war to be over with. (Note: poor Helen, little did she know she'd have to carry on another two years)

Until then, my dear, I love you. Devotedly, Helen

Happy Groundhog Day & Happy Birthday to Matt

Weekend Recap
I kicked off the weekend with lunch on Friday with my friend
Kellie Keck who is an established makeup artist.
We had lunch at the
Alpha Cafe in downtown Wapakoneta. Nothing like a full menu of bar food to get the weekend going. It was good food and good company. It's not exactly "fine dining" but it's relaxing, spacious and they have a beautiful bar which was one of three built in 1893. According to their website, one perished in a fire, one survives out in Arizona and the third resides in our little neck of the woods.

On Saturday Adam and I braved the drifted road of State Route 274 to make it to Columbus for his brother Matts birthday party. After the party we headed to Easton to watch Grand Torino. This was Adams movie choice as he is a great Clint Eastwood fan. He loves all of Clints movies (with the odvious exception of "The Bridges of Madion County" which I adore). I went along half grudgingly. After all, I still haven't seen "Bridal Wars" or "Paul Blart Mall Cop". I was pleasantly surprised and immediately absorbed into the movie. It's a great movie to watch in a crowded theater. While it's obviously not billed as a comedy, it's funny in a way you don't expect and having the crowd around you makes it more enjoyable.

We got home late so after church on Sunday I pretty much crashed on the sofa and watched bad tv to unwind after a busy week and weekend.

This week proves to be equally as busy. I get to meet a new bride every day this week and then on the weekend I have two bridal shows. (yay - cake!) Saturday I will be at the Bridal Expo in Greenville. Sunday is the WCSM Show in St. Henry.

And now a word from our
war lovers Harry and Helen. The words in red are the ones Helen circled to remind herself to mail Harry the needed supplies.
March 16, 1945
Somewhere in Germany

Hello Darling,
Once again I am writing to you under trying conditions. Our German generator has refused to cooperate any longer. The foolish motor runs but no juice is produced. Maybe our boys will be able to fix it up. Right now I am using kerosence lights of doubtful and ancient lineage. So pardon any more errors than my usual quota.

My pen just ran dry and I had to run next door to beg some ink. Hope I have some on the way now. Also some 127 film. I need some badly.

I'd like very much to have my hands on a German pistol. So far I haven't been successful. Don't worry I don't take any changes to get one. They are really nice jobs.

Today was a beautiful day again but it's now trying to rain. April showers and all that stuff.

I boiled out some socks tonight. They were really rank.

Some of these guys around here give me a pain. They are batting their gums about some of the most silly and nonsenical things. Really browns me off at times. Some of them are so dammed stubborn but they won't let any one express an opinion. So I just sit and let them bat their brains out. I think what I please. That policy never gets me into trouble. Only occassionally do I blow my top. Helps the nervous system.

I'm enclosing a propaganda leaflet the Germans are throwing at us. they must think we are all crazy. The average G.I. will pick them up, read some, laugh like hell and throw them away. I think this one quite amusing. No doubt the family will get a bang out of it. I can see Mom & Pop E. laughing. Surely the Germans don't believe we are that crazy. (Note: I wish, but there wasn't any leaflet to be found in the collection)

If I ever get the chance to Paris or Brussells you shall have your Chanel #5. Money here is useless. There are rumors that we are trying to see a movie tomorrow. Probably be one we saw back in the states two years ago.

Well Honey, the space is getting short and my eyes tired from all the dim light. However if it were pitch dark I could still write that I love you and always will. It is the realization that with each passing day brings us one day nearer to victory and consquently home. I've had lots of experiences over here but I'd trade them all for a glance at you and the sound of your voice. So honey, I'll do the next best thing. I'll go to bed and dream of you.

Eternally and Ardently, Harry

Lots of Brides - but barely any cake.

Okay, Lima Bride 2009 was craaazy! Really fun. Tons of women (and a few guys) braved the weather and came to the Civic Center for a good time. Normally I have time at these shows to mingle a bit and chat with other vendors. Not Lima Bride - it was a madhouse. Still, my trusty mom managed to wrangle a bit of cake from Angie's Cakes from Elida. 419-234-7565. Excellent orange cake. Moist, flavorful and great frosting.

Crystal Lee Ann photograpy is a friend and she was there. Crystal and her husband are running the Greenville Bridal show in Feb. More details to follow.

Kellie Keck, Pearls and a Black Dress makeup artisty was a friend present. She famously did the makeup for Governor Sarah Palin for the cover of Newsweek magazine and People magazine.
All the local ladies at Emmy's Bridal showed face as well.

I made new friends with The Savvy Bride. They do wedding planning out of Lima, Ohio. 419-296-2593. They were just nice, nice, nice all day.

Thanks to all who stopped by my booth. I hope you found some great ideas and will consider giving me a call. I'd love to meet one on one with you!