Catching Up

Not even a full week into my resolution to blog more and I've already fallen behind.  No matter.  I can catch up.

The vast amounts of snow here kicked me into the kitchen.  A fresh loaf of banana bread hits the spot when it's below zero temps.  Then I was inspired by my Aunt Ann and sister-in-law Annette, to make snow ice cream.

With unlimited amounts of snow available to us I got creative with flavorings.  First the basic vanilla.  I was surprised at how good it tasted.  It was just milk, sugar and flavoring mixed with snow but I guess simple ingredients make for a good product.

Next I added some hersheys since I know Adam prefers chocolate.

In a second batch I got creative.  A portion of it I added Rose Water (purchased from Jungle Jims for a special cookie recipe (which I never even got around to making).  Adam was stumped on that one and ultimately not very impressed with the taste.

Another portion I used kool aid which received better reviews.

Finally I broke into the liquor cupboard and used a chocolate chili liqueur (also purchased from Jungle Jim).  That wasn't super impressive but by this time we were sick of ice cream so I didn't proceed with the rums and whiskey (or the ancient bottle of Watermelon Pucker).

p.s. the dogs were not impressed with the ice cream at all.