There's more to life than cake . . .

Spring is just a buzzing. Especially the last couple days which have been excellent weather days. Some days I feel like I want the world to just STOP for a couple hours so I can get a few extra things done. But times keeps rolling on and I'm not the only one who is a busy bee.

The First Communion Event at Emmy's Bridal was a lot of fun. The Family Fun Finder gals had lots of nice door prizes for the girls to sign up for. Plus they made little coupon packets and cards to hand out. The little girls looked so cute, and let's not forget Susan Krieg from The Pie Shell who came armed with yummy cake.

While at Emmy's we also got to watch girls model their choices for prom dresses. There are some amazing dresses out right now for prom. You wouldn't believe the selection at Emmy's. We all commented a few times, "wow, if you can't find a dress here . . ." Special thanks to the gal that probably tried on 20 dresses. She was a good sport and let us comment and vote on her choices.

Along with prom there is graduation, baby showers, Mother's Day and of course tons of weddings coming up. I hope everyone will give me a call and see what I can offer for these events. I don't think there is a job that is too big or small for me. It's not a problem if you only need something like 15 graduation invites. In this economy a small job is still a job and I'm a big fan of work.

It was a crazy Friday Night!

You accept that your life is a little boring when your big plans for the weekend include assembling millions of invitations. Truth is, I don't really mind. I invited Krafty Friend Kat to my house on Friday night for a little gabfest to keep me company while I completed a couple order. We had a good time, working well into the night. We chatted about our dream projects and the things we'd do someday and when we had the time. You can cover a lot of ground working through the following supplies.

A whole bin full of daisy brads. we used them all!
Two stacks of beautiful pink.

Also, I keep forgetting to report on an awesome new website that I think will be very valuable to brides in the Auglaize/Mercer County areas. It's called My friend Kellie Keck of Pearls and a Black Dress Makeup Artistry started it. I haven't officially joined yet (sorry Kellie -soon, I promise, soon!) but I think it's just awesome. I'll report more later.

Lots of things coming up. Sunday, March 22 is a First Communion Dress Try-On Day at Emmy's Bridal in Minster. I'll have a table with some cute designs. The Administrative Professional Day Luncheon is happening in April. Also in April is the Third Annual MAC Wing-Fest at the New Bremen American Legion. So maybe life isn't so boring after all.

And now, Harry and Helen . . .
November 24, 1943
Dearest Harry,
Betty and I are out here at 3620 waiting for the fire to burn so we can go to bed. I don't know why I'm so tired all the time. I worked right straight through tonight until 7:30. Mr. Koerbers financial advisor was in today to see if we can possibly get an increase in pay. I know $2.00 extra a week would sure help me out. (note: wow!) Mr. Koerber asks me very often how you are and also said that we must be very devoted to one another. I surely assured him too.

After we got home this evening, Mr. Whitenack came over with the garage rent. I forgot to tell you but he has cleaned up the garage and changed sides with me. I told Mr. Whitenack to keep that money for cleaning it up but he wouldn't hear of it.

Gee darling, I love you so much and just wish I could tell you some different way, so until then we'll let Uncle Sam's postal service help us out. I shall always love you though darling. I just wish my prayers would be answered. Do I pray for you to be home? Yes, but others to be home too - for the whole d--- war to be over with. (Note: poor Helen, little did she know she'd have to carry on another two years)

Until then, my dear, I love you. Devotedly, Helen