Friend of Sara Paper - Sweetie Peas

Now I must give a well deserved "shout out" to my good friend Miss Kat Koeller of New Bremen.
I met Kat during the summer while working the Farmers Market circuit in St. Marys. Kat is multi-talented and has helped me in countless ways, most notably she created my badly needed website! She helped me set up this blog (thank you, thank you) and with her urging (well, some might call it nagging) she helped me to set up my etsy shop so I can start selling my stationery online.

Aside from being my personal web consultant Kat has her own etsy shop, She crochets the cutest little shoes and does all sorts of things to yarn that I don't even want to understand. She's probably the only person I will ever know who wants to own her own spinning wheel and sheep. If you need a special gift for a little one (or even an adult) drop her a line.

Many thanks Kat for your hard work, patience, and your ability to drop everything for mexican food or a craft store. Check ya later!