Feeling Sappy Today​

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable —

if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

I spent a portion of last week sick on my couch missing life.  (though I did enjoy watching two seasons of Bomb Girls on Netflix - a great Canadian tv series about women during WWII) Today I feel great and am especially feeling thankful.  I'm geared up and ready to roll!

The excellent or praiseworthy of my life.

Pieces of Me

This time of year is pretty crazy - I get to design, print, assemble, package and often delight in the fun world of wedding invites. It consumes me and fills up my life. Since I can't show you these finished invites yet (well, they aren't finished) I'll give you a sneak peak of what is going on in the studio.

Below are some pieces of me . . . (please note: I hate my camera and not all these photos look as nice as I want).

This is going to be a super cute western style invite.
Rich plum paper with a slight texture,
(the invite will be printed on a rugged recycled cardstock).
All tied with a hemp string.

Pretty in pink looks pretty chic with this picot edged ribbon.

How about layering some elegant champagne
shimmer paper with a subtle swirl pattern?

Black and pink again - love this combination of the luxe ribbon,
crisp black graphics and the softness of the linen papers.

This is what I'd design all day long if I could. Fun colors,
retro font and that awesome recycled paper.

I've been seeing a lot of this green.
This invite is elegant and earthy at the same time.

"Pumpkin" and "Plum" - yummy!
And this bride is going to use these graphics on her cake.

There is a whole lot more going on!
Give me a call to see if I can help you
with your dream invites!

Masterpiece Monday - Melissa and Lance

Love the look of these. Circles are sleek, retro in a modern way (possible?) and a great "theme" to carry through all the wedding details. Melissa and Lance used rich colors to achieve this look.

The inner and outer envelopes - what a bold, fun piece of mail.

The invite, rich color printed on champagne card stock, then mounted onto a copper card stock.

A close up of the top of the invite.

The RSVP postcard. Only takes $.28 postage.

Place card for the wedding guests.

Just when you thought the cake season was over . . .

After three bridal shows I was pretty sure I'd had my fill of cake for awhile. Since Thursday I had cake three times. (four times if you count the double helping I had on Sat. night - opps).

The Thursday cake was probably the best. Krafty Friend Kat and I decided to get lost in the antique shops of Wapak. First we had to have lunch though. The Cloud Nine Cafe in downtown Wapak was excellent. Kat enjoyed a light but filling quiche and I gobbled up an excellent ceasar salad. I couldn't resist the dessert of the day, homemade, Italian Cream Cake. Yumm-y! Even with me forcing Kat to eat part of it I couldn't finish it and took it home to enjoy later.

Saturday the New Bremen American Legion celebrated it's birthday and of course birthday cake was in order. After the dinner we carried over into the canteen and enjoyed karaoke. The leftover cake was sitting there calling my name. After my sister in law Abi decided to go for a second slice I folded like a stack of cards and followed suit. We had a good time listening to "Adam Cash" and watching "Munch" (my husbands brother) impress everyone with his awesome card tricks.

Then finally today was Adams nephews second birthday. The birthday boy requested a blue cake with green icing and his mom did that and one better and added sprinkles to the top.

It looks like cake is in the future as well. On Sunday, March 22 from 12-4 there will be a First Communion Feature at Emmy's Bridal in Minster. The little girls can try on dresses and there will be several vendors present as well. I will have a line of First Communion invites and thank you cards. Word is Susan Krieg of The Pie Shell will be there with her cake samples, which is always excellent. This event is being planned in conjunction with the Family Fun Finder.

Finally, I have some photos to share of my first brides of 2009.

The first bride and groom of the season is Tricia Brun and Eric Strausbaugh. Tricia and Eric married on February 7th, in the beautiful St. Augustine Church in Minster, Ohio. Poor Tricia! I don't know how she managed to look so beautiful and graceful on what must have been a FREEZING photo shoot!

Photography by Sara Zircher - Heirloom Images, Ft. Loramie, Ohio

My second couple of the season is Tessa Zircher (of Minster) and Matt McDermitt (of New Bremen). They married on February 21, 2009 in Minster, Ohio amidst snow and cold. Which must have been pretty hard for them as they've been living in Hawaii where Matt is stationed. Looks like they enjoy cake as much as I do. (though I don't normally smear it all over my face when I eat mine - I promise)

Photography by Todd B. Acker, Sidney, Ohio

Busy, busy, busy . . .

A fun jam packed day today. Now I'm relaxing with a coffee and getting ready to dive in again. Lots of jobs in the design mode finally getting moved into the printed proof mode. This is always a fun but time-consuming day. It's fun because I finally get to print the proofs on the fancy paper and hope they look exactly as I envisioned them. It can be time-consuming because one thing usually leads to another and I start pulling out all kinds of paper and random ribbon that I think might add to a design.

And then I have to do a mini photo shoot so I can remember when the heck I mailed. By the time a bride looks them over and shares them with her family and friends, a couple months can easily pass. I don't know about you but I tend to forget the little details and I hate thinking, "oh crap, did I print that on shimmer paper or linen."

I won't share any of the photos of the proofs from today (that's cheating) but I'll show you what the top of my table looks like right now.

Lots of fun colors for a beach wedding (I'm so jealous.)

Oh well, moving on . . . Let's see what Harry and Helen have to say today. I should have started with the very first letter but that box was behind the other boxes and I was a little too lazy to dig it out. Today I took the extra two minutes and pulled out the box with the starting letter.
September 27, 1943
Ft. Bening,
Harrison, Indiana

Dearest Helen,
Well, today I am a soldier. We arrived here about 11:30. Waited for awhile. Then some Capt. MD looked down our throats and then short arm inspection. (I told you so). I am writing this in a hurry. Hope you can read some (Note: this letter was very sloppy. I thought "great, I paid $40 for three boxes of paper that I can't even read". But Harry ended up having nice penmanship)

We now are assigned to beds and barracks. We have practiced making beds. The army doesn't use the same method you do. Yours is easier (Note: Harry has a dry wit, I've noticed)

I doubt very much anything can be arranged for Sunday. Will let you know later. They told us that we wouldn't be here for more than 5 or 6 days. We don't know for sure. So mail a few letters.

We had roast beef, boiled potatoes, tomatos, carrots and onions for dinner. Tea to drink. Was pretty good (Note: Harry often reports his meals to Helen, which actually ends up being pretty interesting to me)

Well Honey, I have to sign off now. So I'll close by telling you I love you very, very much.

Love, Harry

P.S. We have tests, shots and get uniforms tomorrow. Busy day.
Okay, so that wasn't the most romantic letter in the world but by the time 1946 rolls around Harry digs deeper into the depths of his heart and it's very touching. I'm looking for a great one for Valentines Day.