Best Friends

Ahhh, out with the old in with the New.  Lots of changes these past couples months.  Especially with the holiday and the anticipated New Years Resolutions looming.  Here's how I'm gearing up.

My old leopard print shoes.  Well loved and worn often.  I bought these dirt cheap at Macys a couple years ago and never thought I'd wear them much.  I was wrong.  The first time I've ever literally worn a hole in something.

My New leopard print shoes.  Also on sale at Macys, though not dirt cheap. 

My New best friend.  The chicken timer will keep me on track today as I tackle a pile of Christmas orders.

Friends and Friends of Friends.
My friend Kat and I are hosting a Craft Tag Sale, Sat. Nov. 20th from 9-3 at the New Bremen Library.  I don't have pictures for the wealth of great craft materials we've collected from our friends (and our friends of friends.)  We have all kinds of great odds and ends to sell.  Teachers might find some cheap craft supplies for their classrooms.  Babysitters and parents can find things to purchase to keep the kids occupied over these weeks leading to Christmas.  Scrapbookers will find paper by the pound.  What else, ribbons, beautiful yarn, a big package of googly eyes that I've harbored for years.  I don't remember when or why I bought them but it's time to let go.

Best of all . . . . all the money we make will be donated to Project Happy Christmas.  After mourning the loss of their baby, Troy and Amy Grillot decided to take their sadness and apply it towards a worthy cause.  Each year in honor of their son Lennon they collect money and donations and help several local families have a merry Christmas. 

Sometimes the families are just down on their luck financially, or perhaps they have someone in the family sufferng from an illness.  All of which makes the holidays difficult to face.  Hopefully we can donate a considerable amount of cash to pass on to Troy and Amy.

Finally, Holiday Gift Ideas

Set of Three Notepads. Perfect gift for Teachers. Printed in Color $15.00 for SetSet of Two Notepads. Printed in Black $10.00 for Set

25 Personalized Recipe Cards for $15.00

Box of 10 Note Cards. Free personalization for the holidays. Plus special price of $9.00 when you order before Dec. 1.

Perfect Gift for Teachers