A Valentines Day Honor

It's REALLY hard to believe that February is almost over. What a busy month. On Valentines Day I was honored by the Community League of Women. These wonderful ladies selected me as the 2008 "Young Careerist of the Year."

I couldn't imagine a better Valentines Day. We enjoyed a nice dinner, I had some nice things said about me and even my husband Adam stood up to say a few words. They sent me home with an official Community League of Women Pin, and 2 dozen roses.

This honor has made me stop and think about Sara Paper and my goals. I've never really constructed a "mission statement" like you are supposed to do when you start a company. Probably I should. Probably I should have one of those "five year plans" too. Ehh, I think I'll just keep plugging away. The best parts of life are the things you don't plan on happening.