October 5, 1943 - Monday Evening, "Late"

Dear Harry,
I wrote you one letter earlier tonight but I thought I would start tomorrow's letter now. I drove by the post office to mail the other letter and then drove on home and put the car in the garage, all by myself. I did real good I thought.

Wilma and Elmer were home - and up when I finished putting the car in the garage, they were up in their room and never said "boo". Well, Wilma can go to grass as far as I'm concerned. Tonight I took a bath and had to heat water to wash my face. I went to get a drink and searched in the dark for the glass, and here in it's place was a broken one. I don't know which one broke it. Then also, sitting there was an empty olive bottle!! Ours. I'm just marking time sweetheart, so don't worry about it as I can stand it as long as I have to and then when something better comes along, I'll take it.

This morning I made my first fire. At first I didn't think it was going to catch, but it did and I still have it nice and warm in here. Surprised? I am. I have an appointment for a permanent Oct. 21. We received a letter today from Lr. and Lila Oser, and $1.00 for our anniversary. I'll send you their letter and you can return it with the next one. Also, I'll send you the one from your Grandma. I think I will get the top to my - - enclosing $1.00 for my birthdayyou know what - - tomorrow night. (note: hmmm, sounds like a little inside joke here)

Today is Tuesday. I have been very, very busy today and I don't know exactly what I've been doing. Howard and Debby were in the store yesterday and asked to be remembered to you. They want your address. I must plan to have that shower on Debby. They always seem so nice.

Do you know that Dot has only called once since you've gone and that was to tell me about Jean's baby. It kinda gets my goat. I called Jean and inquired about the baby's health. It is in isolation and whenever they go in or out of the room they must wash their hands in something and wear robes. the baby's stomach fills up with flem and chokes on it. I guess it sorta has the doctors stumped.

Well, honey, I'll clsoe now saying I love you, I love you! xxxx Helen