Busy Weekend!

What a great weekend! Hit the party scene on Saturday night for a bachlorette party. It's been awhile since I did the party drill but it was fun. I have to give two thumbs up to the driver of our Party Bus. For all you bridesmaids who are planning a Bachlorette Party be sure to check out Bandit Transportation. http://www.bandittransport.com/. The bus was clean (at the beginning of the night anyway) roomy and lots of fun. Our driver guy was really nice, blared awesome dance tunes and basically let us be as rowdy as we wanted. He got us to the bars and more importantly got us home safely. We were told at the beginning of the ride that he would happily drop us off at our homes to avoid anyone getting back into their cars at the end of the night. If you ride with Bandit Transportation you'll have a fun night!

Sunday was a different event all together. I wisely took it easy on Saturday night so I'd be able to enjoy a special Sunday Mass at my church, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in New Bremen.

Fr. James Trick celebrated his 50 years of his Priestly Ordination. I was honored to design the invites for him and to attend his Mass and luncheon. It was a beautiful mass. As always he encouraged his congregation and challenged them to respond in a rousing "Amen!"

Later at the luncheon many people shared wonderful stories of how he touched their lives. My favorite story was when Fr. Jim once felt moved by the Holy Spirit to ask a total (and unlikely) stranger if he'd ever considered the Priesthood. The surprised man replied back, "Well, yes, I actually have". With youth, long hair and an earring, the surprised man would be considered unlikely to wear a priest collar but nonetheless, Fr. Jim helped him on his path. That man still sports long hair and an earring but is now a priest. A perfect example of how saying a few words can impact a life in ways you'd never imagine.

Adam and I spent some time that evening discussing how little things, words, minor events are so important - even when they seem unimportant. We believe that Fr. Trick is God's perfect example of Love. This painting is one Fr. Trick painted with pastels. It is entitled "Gentle Love". There is a beautiful story behind it which I will share another day. I have prayer cards which feature the painting. If anyone wishes to have one please email me and I'll drop one in the mail to you. Large prints, (suitable for framing) are available for purchase at The Cornerstone Shop in New Bremen, Ohio. http://www.newbremen.com/edc/businesses/cornerstone_shop.

A busy week in store before we enjoy the Memorial Weekend! "AMEN!"