I took advantage of the massive quantities of snow and kept myself inside for a snow day. I needed to catch up on things. Somehow, I can't help but wish we had a few more days of excessive snow for this very reason. Not really though.

I stayed cooped up and worked on projects for my Spring Brides, all the while hoping that come spring they will have beautiful wedding days full of sunshine. I've never been one to long for spring but this year I'm really looking forward to getting out my capris, taking great long walks and enjoying lunch outside with my husband and our three dogs.

The dogs are outside dogs and you might feel sorry for them with all this cold weather but they are fine. My husband Adam built them a dream dog house complete with insulation and warm bedding. They even have their own little "welcome" sign and door mat. When they are invited into our house for a while they get all "antsy" and want to go back outside. This picture is of Magnet, our oldest dog, who only cares about playing with her little soccer ball. At any hour of the day (or night) any sort of element. Here she is, patiently waiting for me to throw the ball.

Now she just has to wait for spring so she can chase Adams golf balls . . .