All Good Things in Twenty Seventeen

Who "pins" things?  Who "likes" things.  Who "saves" things on Facebook with full intentions of following through.  

Who never follows through?

My hand is raised as I have pins for how to make a yardstick lampshade (cute, cool looking but not likely to happen in my lifetime), how to make bow ties for my dogs (that would be a complete waste of time).  I don't' know why I pinned "how to make bracelets out of old jeans" but I did.  The pin for "Cool Ranch Doritos Soup"? (well, that soup DOES sound interesting and I love Cool Ranch so that one might happen). 

I immediately liked the idea of this Memory Jar and to my surprise I have followed through.  I expect this year to be a good one!  My husbands health is improving and I feel like we need to celebrate that a little more.  Also, this is "the year of the remodel".  I don't care what it takes - at some point we WILL have a dining room with a proper table.  (TV tray eating works okay when you are a family of 2 but it does get old.)  I don't anticipate any vacations but having this jar around might motivate me to plan more fun outings.  (Somehow filling out a slip that says, "we binge watched Stranger Things Season 1 in one weekend" just doesn't seem like a win) 

Best of all - I can make this happen for you!!!  (We're not even into double digits in 2017 people - we can still start this!!)

For this project I'm not willing to do much customization.  I can put your family name and motto on the paper slips and change the colors on the tag.  You can pick from whatever color paper I have available on my shelf.  The point is to just DO THIS so you can get busy living life and filling out those fun little slips.

PRICES (choose whatever pieces you want):
120 Slips of Customized Memory Paper = $9.00
Ball Jar with Tag and Pretty Embellishment = $5.00
Wooden Crate = $4.00