A Special Birthday

I'm so lucky that my work affords me opportunities to meet and work with all sorts of people.  No two clients are ever alike and some days I meet people on opposite ends of the spectrum.  A client in the morning has taken a day off work and has just come from a "practice hair" appointment and trying on her gown.  She might have her mother in tow and they are interested in anything - no real budget.  An appointment later in the day might be scheduled for 4:30 (when the oldest gets off the bus) and the harried bride arrives (a few minutes late) with said school child in hand as well as bouncing a baby on her hip.  This bride might be frank and say, "Honestly, I need something simple and cheap.  And FAST - I should have mailed these last week already."

Other times I get to meet generations of families.  When Chelsea arrived for her appointment (a couple of years ago) she had her mother Pat and grandmother Etheldean in tow.  And they were quite a crew!  A handful of strong, close knit, fun women, enjoying themselves as they planned the special day.  Sometime after the wedding Pat contacted me and said, "Guess what, Chelsea is expecting!"  And baby shower invitations and then Miss Lexi arrived.

Recently we did invitations for Lexi's first birthday but the extra special birthday I want to showcase today is Ms. Etheldean who celebrated her 89th birthday.  God's blessings to you Etheldrean and your beautiful crew of ladies!!