Creativity - Just Because

The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. -emily dickinson

The year 2015 started off FAST.  Every year seems to move faster than the one before.  I had no sooner put away the Christmas decorations and it seemed I was already searching for the Easter Baskets.  With New Years resolutions neatly tossed out the window, we're moving on - already planning the garden and scheduling our summer!

Last year I had a craft night and we had so much fun.  I promised myself I'd do more fun things like that in the new year - and I haven't.  Lately a small group of girls have been visiting me.  They LOVE the display of self-inking stamps and enjoy stamping piles of scrap paper.  They aren't shy and will try on all the old hats I have lying around.  The aqua blue typewriter I recently purchased is a huge hit.  Once of the girls said, "I'd love it if I could do my homework with this typewriter!"  Ummm, okay? Sure?

Anyway, one day they spotted a decorated heart hanging in the store and asked if I could show them how to make one.  I told them to come back on Wednesday - and to my surprise they did!  Of course I had  big project and some deadlines and couldn't stop what I was doing to sit around with them, cutting up an old dictionary.  But I pulled out all my scrap papers, fancy scissors, punches and new glitter pens and let them do whatever they liked.  That was a fun afternoon with the three girls chattering in the background.  I miss the creativity of doing something just for fun.  I am planning to do more crafting events so if anyone has a suggestion just let me know!

Below are photo highlights of the last few months.