Wedding Highlight - Liz & Chris

Simple, elegant, unique.  This is how I'd describe my bride Liz.  I hope you enjoy her photos and advice as much as I did. Credits for the beautiful photography below.  And OMG - those FURS!!  Everyone looked so beautiful!

THE BRIDE: Elizabeth Cicchetti, College Credit Plus Coordinator at Sinclair Community College
THE GROOM: Christopher Gologanoff, sale specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds


HOW THEY MET: Chris and I met through a mutual friend. Chris had moved to Chicago and starting working at CDW with a good college friend of mine. After a few dates Chris broke the news that he was in the process of moving back home to Dayton. Not ready to call it quits after only one month of dating we continue to date long distance. After two and half years of dating long distance I moved to Dayton. Two years later we were engaged! Our friend Pat Bowe who introduced us became ordained and performed our ceremony!

THE BIG QUESTION: Chris had an engagement planned the weekend before we took a trip with some friends. The weekend he planned to propose, I changed our plans multiple times. After not being able to keep up with my plans Chris popped the  question in kitchen while I was doing what I love best. I was in my kitchen cooking and when I turned around Chris was on one knee with a ring! It was perfect, I could not imagine it any other way. We are very private, being able to share the moment alone in our home where we are most comfortable just seemed right. 

THE TIME AND PLACE: March 28, 2015, Chicago, Illinois
Our wedding and reception was held at Ignite Glass Studios in Chicago.  Having many travelers for our wedding we knew we wanted to have our wedding in the city. I did not want a traditional banquet hall/hotel wedding. We began looking for locations and Ignite just seemed right. It was new, unique and was large enough for our guest lists. (The view from the rooftop didn't hurt either.)

THE HONEYMOON: We took a two week honeymoon, we started in Paris the flew to Venice. From Venice we spent Easter in Rome and ended our honeymoon the most beautiful way possible, in the Amalfi Coast. 

Below are my photos of a few of the elements.  (not nearly as good as the professional photographers so I wanted to note that these are mine.)


Our venue was a blank canvas, we had to bring in our tables, chairs, decor, caterer,etc. The thought of doing this turns many brides away. Wedding planning can be stressful. Staying in budget while planning the perfect night can be overwhelming. My biggest piece of advice would be talk to other couples. I used my sister's photographer, my friends dj and another friends caterer. Even if you weddings you attend aren't your style, it doesn't mean that the vendor can't adjust. Spend time talking to your vendors, knowing your personality helps them match your wedding style. My husband was not interested in the details. I found out what was important to him and kept him in the loop. I would take my list of 10 vendors and do the research before talking to my husband. I would weed out the ones with bad reviews or that were out of our budget and then we would pick from the finalist. This helped us because my husband rarely felt overwhelmed. He enjoyed knowing our vendors but had no idea how much time it really took to find them :)  

To avoid your wedding planning consuming your life, we would set aside date nights or days. We made them fun, I would pack up all my folders and binders and we would go out to eat and talk there. That way we can control the start and end of our wedding planning conversations. Also, as a bride know when to ask for help. Planning a wedding out of state could have been stressful, but it wasn't. I knew when to pull other people in, but when doing so because clear and direct. When you are vague they interpret what you want, which can cause for conflict. After you are married there is still work to be done, gift returns, thank you cards, decorating your house.

A coworker gave me the best piece of advice that I must pass on. She told me if your husband thinks it is normal he won't question your process. When working on thank you cards, don't let him think other husbands do not help. My husband wrote all the cards for his guests and not once did he question doing so. He actually turned it into a little competition and finished before me. Of course he loved to brag about it! 

Lastly, have fun! This is your wedding day! At the end of the day people won't remember the centerpieces, name cards, etc. They will remember the atmosphere and love in the room. You can truly tell when a wedding reflects the couple you are. Chris and I gave up all control on our wedding day, if something went wrong we just changed the plan. We wanted to eat, dance and drink with our guests! 


Caterer -
DJ -
Fur Coats - Purchased at Nordstrom
Brooch Bouquet - Hand Made by the Brides talented sister
Decorater/Planner- My sister's friend Nicole