Feeling Inspired

I love to thrift shop, create, cook, design, garage sale, craft, buy junk, shop.  And I love to blog about it all, which I haven't had time to do lately.  I've been doing some of the things I love and I'm finding I need to do more of them in order to stay happy and creative and in love with my work.  Here and there I'm catching bits of inspiration and I certainly visited a place this weekend that is jump starting my desire to get more creative.

I introduce Minster's latest shop, Lucy's.  I don't have the full scoop on the who, what, where and when of Lucys and I don't know owner Holly Bertke's whole life story.  I don't know who the heck Lucy is (daughter, gal pal, dog, imaginary friend?) But I do know that Holly is super nice, super talented and has created a beautiful new place to shop. 

Holly refinishes furniture, will do light upholstery, and repurposes items.  Also for sale are some great smelling candles, paintings by various artists, really cool-looking rustic (but chic) wood tables hand crafted by her uncle.  

It's a bright, pretty fun place.  The first thing I spotted was the pink couch (LOVE).  Then there is an upstairs loft which has less frilly and bit more masculine offerings.

Visit Holly yourself or check out her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HomeofLucy

In other news, I haven't exactly been withering away in the office.  Had some fun, eaten at some new places and have some designs going that I really love.  Not a bad summer.