Happy Mothers Day!

I'm blessed with two fabulous mothers.  This first photo is In honor of Mothers Day weekend, which is also First Communion Weekend for a niece and a nephew.  

As many in my life know, my mom is an avid baker.  Her lenten promise to not bake was laughable.  She sure tried.  I enjoy this photo because it's my mom.  Carrying baked goods.  Something I've seen my whole life.  Sugar cookies, jelly roll cake, angel food.  She never forgets my faves.  Or anyone else for that matter.  If I'm talking about a friend mom will say, "ohh, isn't she the one that likes my butter cookies?"  or "you remember so and so.  He's the one I bake apple danish for."  Her secret ingredient is love.

Aside from feeding me, she feeds strangers at soup kitchens.  She also helps me at the store at moments notice even if she has far better options for the afternoon.  She claims to enjoy cutting 500 pieces of ribbon and squirting glue for hours at a time.  The only payment she accepts is a hug.  She fetches me cake at bridal shows and keeps me entertained with her chatter.  She talks me into moving furniture and can whip up a set of curtains in an hour.  She prays novenas for everyone, even strangers.  She's funny.  She's wonderful.

Now let's shift gears and discuss my other mother.  Her secret ingredient is wine.

I joke about the wine.  She enjoys her drink but her secret ingredient in life is also love.  She will do anything for anyone and she does it with ease.  She can handle a roomful of children and not break a sweat.  She doesn't bake but her pot roast is amazing.  And if you want to know the name of anyone, ANYONE in town you only have to tell her where they sit at church or where their fathers, neighbor's kid works and she'll say, "OOOH, that's probably so and so."  She just remembers everyone.  She's got a quick wit, a mean croquet swing and her faith in God gives her piles of patience.  

It's such a blessing to have two mothers and two "homes" to visit on holidays.  Hope you enjoy the weekend with the mother figures in your lives!!