Happy Easter!


Thanks to all my clients (newly recent, recurring, imaginary and real).  I feel so blessed this Easter for so many reason.  Though I have to say that my focus hasn't been on God or the beauty of the Easter Holiday.  I've been busy and overwhelmed with the new store.  

I want to thank all my lovely clients for being so patient as I've settled into the new place.  The blessing of having an open storefront is getting to meet and help more people than I did when I ran things out of my little house.  The downside is that it's been a struggle to keep on schedule.  I know there are a few gals itching for me to get them their proofs and I appreciate their kindness and patience while we've been working hard.  We (meaning my "saint of a mother" and my "not so much a saint but still pretty great" husband) finished several extra large jobs this week.  So my schedule is going to be less hectic and I will be able to connect with these excited brides again.

I'm looking forward to celebrating Easter with family, especially Saturday night as my sister-in-law and friend will be baptized into the Catholic faith.

Next week I'll be back on track.  Plus I want to share my 2014 New Bremen Garage Sale finds with you.  It was a lack luster year, unfortunately.  I scored some cheap tension rods, boring lighting and other practical items (boo).  But that was good since I saved a bunch of money on things I wanted to buy anyway.  GIven the choice between spending $3.00 on a tension rod at walmart or getting them for $0.25 - I'll happily lug those from your garage to my car.  And, I'll spend the $2.75 on a piece of pie from the Pie Shell.  

It wasn't a total bummer though.  I now own a rustic birdcage and have a few new things to spray paint.  A lamp shade for $0.25 will be good for a fun low-cost project.  The weather was beautiful and I got to enjoy my friends for a few hours.  So that was great.

Happy Easter to everyone.  Enjoy your cadbury eggs and what the heck, bite the whole head off of that chocolate bunny - you deserve it!