More Book Issues

Lately it seems like I'm doing everything with books, except reading them.  A recent blog post was about crafting with books.  Today's post is about SMELLING books.

I introduce a new company called Pages Candle Company.  Pages is the brainchild of my good client and friend Rashaun James.  I've been blessed to know Rashaun for a number of years.  So long I can't even remember what I first designed for her.  But over the years I've helped her with invitations for showers, birthday parties, football parties.  And these were FUN events.  A "Charlotte's Web" baby shower, a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" birthday party.  I've also worked with Rashaun on printing for her various business ventures (all fabulous).  And how can I forget the awesome pregnancy announcement letting friends and family know that Rashaun and her husband were to be expecting TWINS.  Oh and she's a teacher.  In short Rashaun is just "one of those" sort of individual that always has room for more in her life.

I admire Rashaun, so I was happy to be included when she needed note cards to go along with her fabulous candles.  I was excited to design dictionary lined envelopes (so awesome) with a note card that mimics a book.  

As a lover of the written word myself, I was excited to try out this candle.  I'm happy to say, it did NOT disappoint.

Haunting.  That is a word that wouldn't usually be used to positively describe something.  But it's the word that comes to my mind and I mean it in the best way possible.  When this candle burns it gives me a feeling I can't quite place.  Memories I can't exactly capture.  It's that feeling that tells me, "I KNOW that smell. But how?"   

I practically lived in the library as a kid and I read everything.  In a way this candle reminds me of childhood and of all the adventures on the thousands of printed pages that ran through my fingers.  It reminds me of riding my bike on a hot summer day and walking into the air conditioned crispness of the library and smelling THAT SMELL!  It reminds me of late nights of reading in my old room, in a house that my parents no longer own.

It's a beautiful candle with beautiful packaging.  Perfect for gift-giving.  It's a novelty scent which makes it way more special than simply picking out a good scent from a big box store. It burns best in a cosy room where you can really enjoy the delicate scent.  Also, I recently checked out a book (a newly released book) at the library.  You bet - I smelled the book and then compared it to the candle.  Yup, Rashaun, you nailed it.  New Book smell is a hit!

I hope you take a moment to check out Rashauns website

In all the book candle excitement I decided to finally dive into the latest Diane Gabaldon novel  ("Shelly, I'm going in")  I guess that's another 825 pages to add to my reading pedometer - lol

Also, since hunting season is here (and with my husband an avid hunter who heads to the forest every other weekend) I've also decided to join a reading group for the latest Fannie Flagg book.

What are YOU reading?  I love to discover new authors.