Oktoberfest Memories and looking towards (gulp) Xmas!

Two weeks ago our little town of Minster hosted 80,000ish guests.  Yes, our little town of 3,000ish swells in honor of our German Oktoberfest Celebration.  The weather was less than perfect so maybe not as many attended this year.  But it was a great time for those who were there to eat drink and be merry.

This year I was honored to provide fun notepads to the little girls competing for Little Miss Oktoberfest.  I know my nieces and nephews love getting things with their name on them so I hoped the girls would like these.  I'm told the notepads were a hit.  CHRISTMAS IS COMING FOLKS!!!  Consider similar notepads for gifts for the various special people on your lists.  I will have some new designs for shoppers this holiday season so stay tuned!!

Since the parade marches right past my store Adam and I have a Parade Party.  This year we were joined by a great collection of family and friends, both old and new.  Felt very blessed on Sunday!  It was a good time to remember how far we've come.  (Be sure to click through the photos below to see the transition of the same wall over the years.)

And now some recent designs!