50 Shades of Grey

My experience with "Fifty Shades of Grey" does not involve steamy reading material.  My fifty shades includes agonizing over multiple paint chips and several swatch books of color.  I told the lady at True Value that picking the color was like naming a baby.  I wanted the color to be perfect for the building much like a parent wants a name to suit their child.  It was difficult but a decision has been made and 55 North Main Street will soon be . . . . Antique Grey!  Not gonna lie.  I'm nervous.  The shade will be very different from what everyone is used to.  But it's a versatile color that will look really nice with white trim and fun color embellishments.


Now for a few "Friday Finds".  Here's one I'm super excited about.  Picked this gal up. She was hanging out behind Bollys Restaurant just down the street.  The "free" sign was all the invitation I needed to pull over and load her up.  She's a little rough around the edges but a pinterest inspired makeover is in her future.  Until then this charming piece of furniture will be crammed into my current office.  I was just telling someone (hey there Elaine!) that I don't have much moohlah to purchase all new furnishings.  Luckily I'm a rustic sort and "rustic" often means "no one else wants this junk so it's free."  I also picked up a mirror and a chair which I may pass on to someone else.