Photo Shop

I recently borrowed a bunch of family photos.  Well I borrowed them quite awhile ago but I recently took the time, late one night, to scan them.   I've printed copies for my mom's cousins and it occurred to me that this could be a service that other families might enjoy. 

Old photographs scan beautifully and those black and whites have really stood the test of time.  In our digital age we can take photographs whenever we want and they are preserved (for the time being) on various technologies.  What the future hold, who knows.  Still, many of us have shoe boxes full of memories. 

A lot of time a treasured photo is damaged.  The photo below is of my Grandpa William "Willy" Miller with his military buddies during WWII.  It's rather beat up and while it's not a photo I really want to clean up and display - it's a perfect photo to demonstrate how I could improve a special photo for someone.