na na na na Batman!

I forgot how much I enjoy updating the blog.  Here we go - two days in a row!  

As the month ends I realize that it's been a full year since we started working on this building.  Wow, it's been a fast year.  I pause to think of the sacrifices that Adam, Dad and Adam's Dad have made to help me with this big step.  We've had help from other family and friends at different times but the aforementioned guys have been amazing.  

They've worked by gas heat in the coldest months and they've sweated gallons in the hottest ones.  The Dads have climbed ladders they shouldn't have climbed, lifted things that should have waited, and God only knows how my dad hung some of those sheets of drywall by himself. Their pay?  A passing "thank you".  A pizza or beer here and there.  For Fathers Day I gave Dad a roll of Life Savers candy.  He knows that these days my money is tied up and I can't afford to get him anything good or that would even come close to thanking him for all his help.  But he's certainly been an anchor and a "life saver" to Adam and I.  Even if I don't express it everyday I'm always thankful for these guys!