Memories - Past and Present

Shopping the Thursday Garage Sales was great.  Beautiful sunny morning.  Friday, on the other hand, not so sunny. Still I managed to spend a few hours with friends and score a few treasures.

Garage sales always remind me of my Grandma Miller - a woman who enjoyed shopping and valued a sale in any store.  I don't recall ever attending a sale with her but she hosted many.  She lived in the sleep little town of Osgood and I was usually allowed to run around the block (sometimes with cousins) looking at what the other houses had.  After exploring, I'd run inside and get a drink of her unique well water.  It would be hot outside but her kitchen always seemed to be cool thanks to the giant shade tree.  Her garage sale lunch always seemed to feature bright red strawberries and her good cookies.  Most of my memories of my Grandma Miller involve her kitchen.

The first photo below shows the set of glasses that reminds me of Grandma.  Next is a flower press (with bonus, pressed pansies in between the sheets of cardboard).  My major score was three brand new packages of magnetic curtain rods for $2.00 each.  I actually NEEDED these and would have purchased them for $10ish in the store.  So I was pretty happy about that.  At St. Pauls garage sale I purchased a steel lock box for $0.50 (it even included the key) and somewhere else I bought the broach for $0.25.  Finally a shot of my fresh cut flowers in a glass from Thursdays shopping (psst, the "vase" only cost $0.05)

I was sad to miss Saturdays sales but was very happy to attend the bridal shower of my husbands-cousins-finacee, named Cristina.  What a beautiful shower!  Her gracious family hosted us at the lovely Lindey's Restaurant in the German Village section of Columbus.  We enjoyed a delicious champagne brunch and played the cutest game.  We all got little bride and groom clothespins that we attached to our shirts.  If we saw anyone crossing their legs we were allowed to take their pin.  The person with the most at the end of the shower was the winner.  I worked hard to keep mine because it was so cute.  They were made by a friend of Cristina's family in Laredo, Texas, Martha Parker.  Martha and her assistant Olga hand-painted them.  (see photo below)

The first photo is a shot of the bride Cristina (second from the right) with her soon-to-be "new" sister-in-laws.  The last photo is of me with my "old" sister-in-laws. (a big haha to  Annette and Dianne - though technically Dianne is much younger so I shouldn't joke).

Finally my latest news regarding the store - we have a new back door!  Plus I took a few more updates photos of the outside. (since the sun is actually shining today)