The Eyes of the World

Recently the village of Minster put out their newsletter with a gentle reminder to folks to keep their property looking nice.  This typically isn't a problem in our lovely little towns but there are always exceptions, hence the gentle reminder.

I cringed a little, hoping that no one reports or complains about our property.  After all the building is located right along Route 66 and is plenty visable.  Believe me - I KNOW it looks bad.  However, the brand new windows look fabulous!!  Hopefully anyone who might be irritated with our eyesore can be patient just a little longer.  Paint chip samples reside in my purse, desk and online pinterest board.  Decision are being made and when the weather breaks we'll hopefully be jumping on the paint project and replacing the doors.  The door that already has the stoop with be the main entrance (with a new and improved stoop) and the other door will be converted into something clean and decorative.

The particular window featured below is the last one replaced.  It's larger than the rest because it used to be a display window for the cobbler that once did business here (once upon a time anyway).  That corner of the building that seems to be sagging so this window is tilted and looks like a quizzical eyebrow being raised.  Dad had a heck of a time dealing with these guys but I know they are now "perfect" and straight.  "We" will be trimming them out and painting a clean white.  The sash (probably not the right word but oh well) above and below will be painted the shade of the building to blend them in better.  Then later window boxes will appear along with other nice decorative elements.  

I know it will be worth the wait.