This photo pretty much sums up why I need a bigger office.  This was taken at 4:00 on a busy Thursday afternoon.

Have I mentioned that we haven't eaten at our dining room table since October?  I can't wait to have a "back room" to hide this craziness.

As for 55 North Main, lots of things have been happening.  We've had crazy shopping sprees, dropping money on windows, insulation and wiring.  Adam and Mike have been working on wiring.  I've been working on figuring out where outlets are supposed to go (not fun).  Dad has been working on the archway, tinkering in masonry and probably doing all sorts of other things I haven't noticed.

The photo below shows Adam (looking cute) standing in front of the old door frame.  They removed the wood frame, took out some bricks and put in a new brace for the top of the door.  You'll notice the wet bricks that reach the ceiling.  This used to be a hole and since I really wanted to keep an exposed brick wall "we" had to do something with it.  Dad did an excellent job of filling in the hole.  When it dries and is cleaned up no one would ever know.

The months keep flying by faster and faster!  I hope to have a revamped website soon as well as several new invitation lines.  Can't wait for spring.