Smart Phones Rule! Now . . . what to do with those old watches

Having a phone in my purse means I always know the time, even if I do not wear a watch.  In fact I never bothered to replace the battery of the last watch I used.  A photo on pinterest inspired me to do a little crafting.

I visited my favorite thrift store (Link to Agape in St. Marys, Ohio) and purchased an old watch (only $1.00)

I popped of the back and took out the guts of the old gal.  I cleaned her up real good.  Thrift store watches tend to have dirt everywhere so I used an old toothbrush.

Then I sized a favorite photo of my hubby and I and printed it out on regular old paper.  This one was taken 10 (yes, TEN) years ago.

I inserted the photo into the glass, stuffed a little cotton behind it to keep it in place.  The back was snapped into place and BAM - sappy, romantic bracelet.

You could put wedding photos, antique photos of grandparents (a copy - not an original please), baby photos, a current family photo or just a photo that makes you smile.  The watch above was sort of large.  I bought a few extra watches that are a bit more dainty and I'll probably put something more vintage-y in them.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Cheap Wedding Decor at AGAPE . . . . . . . . . . . . 

I just love shopping at thrift stores.  I'm not afraid of things that are stuffed into a corner or have a little dirt.  If you aren't scared either you could find great things at a thrift store - especially with the trend right now of rustic chic decor.  

The Agape in St. Marys (1220 East Spring Street) had tons of little glass compote dishes - which I thought would be perfect for multiple centerpieces.  ($0.59 each).  They also had TONS of vases, glass dishes, sheer curtains, vintage books, ribbon.  I so wish I could redo my wedding reception right now.

I meet so many brides who are creative and love pinterest inspired ideas.  If anyone is looking to save a little moolah on decor I'd suggest a visit to pinterest followed by a visit to a thrift store.  Soap and water and maybe a bit of paint can turn $50.00 worth of "crap" into something beautiful.  I didn't ask but I bet you could even check with the saleperson to see if they can cut you a deal.  After all, they receive constant donations and need to move merchandise or they would overflow.

Aside from the money saving aspect, you can feel great about shopping at places like Agape.  All the money that isn't spent on operating costs goes right into the food pantry or in some way assists people in need.  You are recycling materials, giving new life to unloved items and helping the community.  Plus, when you are finished you have the option to donate it all back and repeat the cycle.  

DIY isn't for everyone.  But if you have the vision and want to save money, find a crafty friend and start looking!!

Happy Shopping!!