Putting up Walls

Yeah, I did it.  I put up a wall.  Okay, maybe I was only conveniently there at the right time and maybe I really only "helped" (i.e. touched the wall) as Dad and Mikey put it into place - but still.

The Dads and Adam have been working each night to frame out these walls.  I'm told things will go faster at this point and I'll be surprised at how quickly things will take shape. 

Even though walls are going up we plan to keep a wall of exposed brick.  Adam has been cleaning the wall little by little.  Unfortunately the only wall we wanted to keep exposed also had a hole it in.  We have plenty of bricks to fill it in.  Below that hole is a small door frame that will have to be enlarged to a normal size so who knows how "we" will deal with it.  It may end up being too awkward to keep exposed but I'm hopeful the guys will try to keep it.  

While the guys have been working hard I've been going through the motions of engagement season!  I tried out a new booth display at the WSCM Bridal Show and was pleased with how it looked.

This past weekend I visited the "$1.00 a Bag" Book Sale at the Minster Library.  I scored 32 books for $2.00! (you can't beat a $0.0625 cost per book)  True a few of them were childrens books that may or may not be a hit with the kids.  A few were old books that I just liked the way they looked and plan to use them as decoration in the store.  But I have a large stack that looks like promising reading material.  Also included in the mix was a 5-inch thick Webster Dictionary.  

While I hate the thought of dystroying books I know these circa 1964 pages will lend nicely to a few pinterest projects I have my eye on.  Let's face it.  Not too many people would buy this book for it's intended purpose So this book will get a new lease on life and provide entertainment for myself and other crafters.

Have a great week!  Can't believe Lent will begin on Wednesday.  
What happened to January???