Family, Friends and Faith

And lots of food. (and champagne)

Adam and I were blessed to have a great many family and friends turn out for the last minute and informal Open House.  We decked the halls and opened the doors.

I can't tell you how pleased we were at the end of the night to be eating the last of the delicious food and looking around this beautiful building remembering all the joy that just took place.  

Thanks to my first visitor Laura (who couldn't make the party so stopped in earlier in the morning) to the last guest to leave (thanks Tasha for helping with clean up - you weren't the first like you wanted to be but you stuck it out to the end).  It was so full of people Adam and I realized we barely got to stand next to each other all night.  We also had cards, calls and texts from those who couldn't make it.  So many gifts of wine and champagne - we lost count.  

Thanks to Mom, Mike and Janet, and my sister-in-law Annette who supplied the food (I only had time to purchase a couple bags of chips so they really saved the day with the food).  Miss Shirley from the Cottage Cafe stopped in with her amazing cinnamon rolls.  

We even had an appearance from new friend Edna Wise, who raised a family in this building in the 1960's.  She toured her old home with her friend and former neighbor who lived in the house next door that has since been torn down.

Add in a lovely toast from my mother-in-law and a special blessing from Father Tom - well, I'm not embarrassed to admit that that this simple little party was the best night of my life.