My First Event

The beginning is coming!  In fact I got a head start when I hosted a group of Minster ladies.  When my sister-in-law's mother asked if her group could visit in October I suggested that November would be better.  By then I'd "for sure" be ready to host them.  Well, the joke was on me.  I was not ready but the ladies were good sports about it.  Adam and I gave them a tour and shared with them our stories of renovating this little space.  I did bring in some furniture and my designs so they could learn more about what I do.  I'm looking forward to seeing them again in December when I'm properly ready and all decorated up for the holidays.

I'll miss my current office.  Let's face it - you can't beat the commute.  But this cozy space is ready to be a living room again.  Lots of memories in this place.  Happy, excited brides.  Sometimes every seat was filled with their family and friends.  Tense mother-daughter squabbles with stressed brides happened every once in a while.  I'd pretend to get something out of my paper closet and then would hide for a little while.

I enjoyed visits with newly born babies and their tired mothers ordering birth announcements.  There was secret-sharing as other clients planned surprise parties or special moments for an event.  

There were even sad visits with clients asking me to design a memorial for a loved one or wanting to order thank you cards after a funeral.  A few tears have been shed around my table.  It was an honor to be a part of those moments.

I won't miss the late night work sessions or the dinners with my husband after I shove piles of work out of the way.  This whole last year we ate off of TV trays or standing in at the kitchen counter.  I won't miss planning my meals around bridal visits.  Some scents linger and not in a good way. ("no Adam we cannot fry up a pound of bacon or dehydrate habeneros tonight - I have a bride coming over")  I'll be happy to not worry about keeping the one bathroom in my house always "company ready" or penning up crying dogs in the back of the house.

I'm looking forward to new memories in the new place.  I'm excited for new connections and new friendships to happen.