Some of my Best Ideas (aren't mine at all)

Time and again I've said that I'm lucky to have so many great clients with great ideas.  I totally hit the jackpot with the Regula Family.  Three sisters (Lindsey, Brandi, & Brittani) getting married in two years - SCORE!!  Even better was the fact that the Regula girls (and their patient mother Deb) were lots of fun and loaded with great ideas.  

Their weddings are over and the brides are settling down into married life.  However the partying nature of the Regulas can't be stopped and a Surprise 30th Birthday Party was in order for Brandi's husband Bryan.  

(side note: I LOVE knowing secrets but I stress that I will let something slip so I'm always very happy when the cat is out of the bag)  

Anyway, nothing ordinary for these folks.  From her temporary home in Canada,  creative Brandi put together a full bash with all the details.  

(another side note: This couple became engaged at a post game Buckeye Party (Hineygate for all you OSU fans in the know).  I saw it on the U-Tube. The Danger Brothers let Bryan sing the Brandi song -  "Brandi, what a fine girl, what a good wife you will be")

With that history behind them an obvious party location would be a Buckeye tailgate at "the Shoe" in Columbus, Ohio.  An OSU win against San Diego State and partying with the Danger Brothers?  What could be better?

Thanks to The Regula Family for their continued business.  It's been a pleasure helping you on your special occasions and I admire your flair for entertaining.