Friday Fun!!

Curly & Andre’

Add Curly to the list of out-of-town clients I've never met in person.  It's been so long I can't remember who pointed her in my direction.  Our first project together was when I designed the birth announcement of Curly & Andre's daughter Capri in 2009.  Since then we've done multiple projects, communicating with each other between Columbus and New Bremen.  

Shortly before Curly began wedding planning she moved to Arizona which pretty much ensured that we'd not meet in person anytime soon.  Not that I was opposed to commuting to Arizona to show her my samples.  I could have used the break and then skipped over to visit my friend Margie (hey girl!) .  Turns out we didn't need to visit in person.  Curly had a very clear vision and with the help of pinterest, and online proofs emailed back and forth, we got it done.  Plus, Curly wins the award for "fastest replier of emails".  This girl is driven to accomplish!

Thanks Curly for your business!  You and Andre looked amazing and I'm so happy for you. I had to laugh when only days after you returned from the honeymoon you were in party planning mode again - I'm looking forward to designing the birthday party invites for Miss Capri!