I have no clever title.  I'm tired.  I probably only saw Adam a total of 5 waking hours this whole week.  I ate at McDonalds more than I care to admit.  Full disclosure - Today I showered for the first time in three days.  Day 1 - I didn't bother because I knew I was going to be painting later that morning.  After working I headed back to the office and got busy there.  Then I accidentally feel asleep.  When I woke I knew I I was painting again.  I gave the world the courtesy of brushing my teeth and I hit the road.  When Adam saw me he carefully asked if I was working at the store and I said, "yes, but this is pretty much how I look now so get used to it."  I painted then stopped in at my insurance providers office (they didn't recognize me)  That night I worked late finishing an order and crashed again.  This morning, however, I cleaned up proper and I'm back to myself.  Tonight is date night! (which, btw, will involve a trip to Menards - I've turned into my parents aaaggg!)

All kidding (and complaining) aside - Adam and I are excited because the end is in sight.  Or rather the BEGINNING is in sight.  We're looking forward to everything that this new space will offer.  And that makes all this effort worth it!