Miscommunication and Decoration

A hurdle has been crossed in the communication between myself and my husband.

Once upon a time when I worked retail, I spent a great many days behind a wrap desk.  I'd work the register, bag up merchandise, give the customer her change with a smile.  Since my new store will undoubtably have customers, and merchandise I decided that I'd certainly need a wrap desk of my own.  

So I went about thinking where in the store I would locate a wrap desk and what I'd stock in it's shelves and drawers (kraft bags, pretty tissue paper and of course ribbons).  When the dreaded day of discussion arrived Adam and I found ourselves in arguement.  

I told him I wanted a wrap desk and I told him where I wanted it.  
He agreed that I should have a wrap desk if i wanted one. 

The conversation continued.  Soon it became clear that he wasn't getting it.  In frustration I'm waving my arms pointing at the torn up area where this wrap desk would eventually live.  Still nothing.  Auuug, it looks perfect in my head.  What's the (blanking) problem?

Finally, with great patience, Adam tells me he "GETS IT" but he doesn't understand where I plan for the short end of the desk to go.

SHORT END?  There is no short end on MY WRAP DESK!! Seriously

Well, it turns out that my husband, who hasn't worked at ElderBeerman or Maurices didn't know that the cash register counter can also be called  a "wrap desk".  He though a wrap desk was a basic desk that WRAPPED AROUND things.  Like an L shaped counter would have a long portion and a short portion.


And here we both thought the other was an idiot. Luckily we were able to laugh it off but it certainly reminded me that sometimes definitions are required to avoid a ridiculous convervsation.

The decorations in my shop will have a rustic flair.  These are ideas from a fabulous place we visited in Columbus.  This store is geared towards folks commited to true period restoration.  But if you need something for a pinterest inspired project this is the place to shop.  http://www.columbusarchitecturalsalvage.com