Here We GO!

My day started (at 7:30am) with a phone call from Ron at Menards.  He had a load of roofing materials and could I tell him where he should put all of it?  Reasonable question.  I had no clue how to answer.  Quick call to good ole dad and it was all straightened out.  Dad was conveniently across the street having coffee at Willy's and was happy to direct the pallets of materials.

pfew . . .first crisis averted.
The second crisis was getting locked into 55 North Main - but more on that later.

Today kicks off ROOFING WEEKEND!  Rain is coming but what can you do?  We've got plenty of work inside to keep us busy until it passes.

{ Starting Point } 

{ The Chimney - Removed }

{ Ohhh, Look.  A ladder and no supervision }

{ Guess I'll go up and take a gander }

Not much happening up here.  Lots of blown in insulation.  But curiously there seems to be metal printing plates hanging everywhere.  I don't have a clue what that is all about but I intend to investigate.

{ A metal printing plate for a yearbook - can't tell if it's local or not }

Now for my second crisis of the day.  While I had my head in the rafters dad assumed I had left.  So he slapped the padlock back on the door and headed back up to the roof.  -see photo below for evidence of dad on the roof and said lock (lower left of photo).  

The street exits were sealed and have probably not been used for many years.  Using the alternate back exit would mean I'd have to "walk the plank" to get across the missing floor to reach it.  Which wouldn't be a big deal if I weren't wearing flip flops.  But I was.  And I'm not allowed to wear flip flops in 55 North Main anymore.  Not since I almost stepped on a nail - yikes.

Luckily I could see dad happily hammering away.  I didn't want to startle him so I decided to wait until he climbed down.  I banged on the door, which did nothing.  Finally I placed a call and luckily his cell phone was on him and not inside the house.  And luckily he didn't ignore my call.  And then I was freed.  The end.

Third Crisis of the Day?  Probably bringing Jenkins to the vet.  He needs a checkup from his recent blood platelet issue.  Typically Jenkins will go and do anything without much fuss.  But it's now storming and that is probably the only thing he HATES.  So transporting him to the vet should be a treat.

Saying prayers for a safe working weekend for our friends and family who will be in attendance.  Can't wait to post the after photos!