Yep, Another Dumpster

With Oktoberfest looming we decided to wrap things up as much as possible.  

I figure our neighbors would enjoy hosting their Oktoberfest parties
and not have to subject their guests to views like . . . 

{ This }

{ Or This }

{ Or Even This }

It's funny how the outside is getting better and the inside is worse.  
I pull up to the place last night to see two guys hard at work
(well, not in this photo but still).

Adam, Mark and Tommy Walkoff pulled away layers of the wall
and exposed crumbling plaster and brick.

This is how the above room room looked before.

Below is the door that is visable from the outside but was
buried underneth paneling on the inside.  
It, including the transom above the window, opened easily.  
It's a short door though.  Adam has to duck.  I feel like a giant using it.

In other news . . .

A new printer arrived yesterday.  

It will be very handy to have two printers in the new place.  
It will make the current office a tight squeeze until moving day.  

Pretty soon I will have to start posting photos of new designs.  
There are some cute baby shower invites that I'm pleased with.  
Elephants are the new owl (apparently).  Owls are still very popular though.  

A view (looking in) of my new favorite room in the joint.

More photos later!