What I learned.

First of all - the roofing is not done so I'm going to wait to show photos.  If you want to take a look cruise by 55 North Main and check it out.  Many people over the weekend did.

In addition to roofing we took down a wall in the back of the building and worked to expose brick walls in the new room.  Super excited about this room.

{ Batman Helped }


Top Ten Things I Learned This Weekend
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1. Don't bother wearing lip gloss when you participate in a day of roofing.  No one cares how you look and after the first wave of shingles flies your lips will be coated in gritty dust.

  2. 25 yard dumpsters fill up fast.  Real fast.

  3. It's really not THAT big of a deal to see daylight through the roof - from the inside of your building.  175 year old buildings have seen worse.

  4. Hammering plaster is FUN!

  5. Carting away plaster is NOT.

  6. Our friend Eric is a squirrel.  He zoomed across that roof like magic.

  7. I quite easily fall to prayer when I watched all these guys go up and down and do hard labor perched on a questionable roof.

  8. Cory really is a nice guy.  A wall falls on his back and he doesn't sue.  Thanks Cory!

  9. We have super HARD WORKING friends and family members.  Seriously - roofing is hard but I suspect this roof was harder than most.  5 Layers of roofing in some areas.  Yikes!

  10. Yup, we're really doing this. Nope, there is no turning back.

{ Here we are }

Adam with his 'stach and me looking like a hot mess!