Now What?

Cleaned Out - Carted Up - Lugged Away  

Now we're scratching our heads and figuring out what to do next because the next steps seems to include dumpsters, danger and really hard (expensive) work.

Some of the things removed from 55 North Main
I'm not even counting the many items left by the curb on Trash Day.  
I'll bet those guys hate us by now.

{ Two Piles of These }


{ One Load of Scrap Metal }

. . . . . . . . . .

{ The Bathroom without Privacy }
Go Dad!  He ripped this out by himself.
Just so ya know - these are NOT marble walls. lol 

{ The Hall Way Before }
The back portion of the house looking toward the front of the house.  
Bathroom is to the right.

{ The Hall Way After }

{ The Floor - Everywhere }

{ Thank Goodness we have Bat Man! }