If These Ceilings Could Talk

They'd say, "Happy Valentines Day!"

Finally - TREASUES!  Dad found this in the ceiling near the kitchen.

History Lesson:  This is an old Lucky Strike "flat fifties" Cigarette Tin.  While looking at it (and is subtantial decay) I wondered aloud to Adam if this could possibly be a tin from the 1850s.  After getting it home and hopping on google I found a plethera of flat fifites tin (all in MUCH better condition).  This tin was manufactured by the once popular Lucky Strike company which was started in (wait for it) 1905.  Of course you can't see the Lucky Strike Logo on our tin but in it's glory it looked like this.

The term "flat fifties" comes from the amount of cigarettes that can be neatly stored in this 4.25 x 5.5 inch tin.  Twenty five smokes would fit in the base of the tin and 25 would fit in the lid.  So the term wasn't a nod to its age.  After a little more digging I discovered that a tag line "it's toasted" appeared on the side of the tin.  That expression wasn't incorporated by the company until 1917 so the tin certainly isn't older than 1917.  I also found that in 1940 Lucky Strike changed its packaging to white and used different materials entirely - due to the World War II effort.  So this tin was born somewhere between 1917-1940.  But who cares about all that?  I gingerly opened the tin and found . . .

{ Valentines! }

They are certainly damaged with age and being trapped in an old ceiling but it's a collection of old school valentines.  This one below seems to have movable parts at one time.  The giraffe head might have bobbed and the girls eyes might have swiveled?  

Bottom Corner says, "Printed in Germany"

What little girl wouldn't love to get (or give) a pony Valentine?

Lola, Lola, who the Heck is Lola?  This one was manufactured in Chicago.

This little guy is battered but from from my super sleuthing skills I determine
he's probably only 20 years old.  He was found in another part of the house.

The base of the tree dad cut down.  A heart.  I'm starting to think that
Valentines Day 2013 might be the target date for Opening Day.