Hard Days Night

And we've been working like dogs!

Our Friday nights have become very special to us.  We work all day.  Adam makes the commute home.  On the way home he calls and says, "well, what do you want to do tonight?.  

I coyly reply, "I guess we could."  

He says, "I'll be home soon."

I say, "awesome."

Then I slip into something more comfortable and hop in his truck.  As we drive we excitedly talk about what we're going to do that night.  It's going to be great.  We've been waiting all week.  Expectations are high.  

We get there and  . . . we haul junk, peer in fear under piles of junk - hoping to not find a dead bird, mouse or bat.  Inhale dust.  We sweat, we sweat more, we argue a little bit on where we're going to park the crap that will be disposed, we have discussions on how we're going to dispose of said crap.  We talk about who is going to run across the street to Willys (in all our dirty sweaty glory) to buy the beer that will get us through the rest of the night.  We sit in the glow of the halogen lamp and dodge a bat.  Finally we stop caring about what goes where and make the yard look presentable.  We lock up and head home to shower and . . .  promptly fall asleep.

{ Upstairs Summer Kitchen Before }

{ And After }

{ The Courtyard In Progress }

See what I mean, romantic!

{ Some of the finds in the upstairs }

{ We found too many boxes of these }

{ Not sure what this is }

{ This seems to be a military ammunition case? }

{ You remember the kitchen }

{ With insulation piled up }

{ Without the lower cabinets }

{ Some sweet wallpaper from a bygone era }

Saturday we enjoyed a day off for a family party.  Then Sunday Adam and his dad and some brothers worked all day and got rid of more cabinets.  My dad has been logging in time, taking down closet walls and poking into the attic.  We're getting close to securing portions of the floor that needs to be taken care of before making the game plan to replacing the roof.

So far things have been "easy".  Easy for me I guess.  The guys are doing the heavy work.  Still, we're mostly just cleaning, organizing and having fun ripping up and wondering what lies behind the paneling and layers of flooring.  We've had our struggles of trying to balance our day jobs with fitting in progress on the store.  But we know the real work is still ahead of us.  Reroofing won't be easy.  Replacing those ancient windows won't be easy.   I feel so blessed to have so many people helping and being encouraging.  My clients too have been patient as I balance everything.  

A big fat THANK YOU to everyone!!!