Older Than We Thought

We took the night off to celebrate Mom's birthday.  Steve and Stacy had us over for a casual cookout on their new patio.  We got to relax and hear all about their kids first day of school.

{Yay Cake }

Please ignore Adam in his red shirt (which clashes with the yellows and blues of the cake) and the beer cans.  We were getting ready to dig in and I was in a panic so I didn't get a good photo.

Speaking of getting older - another thing getting older is the building.  Mom did some super sleuthing at the Minster Historical Society and found out that our pile of bricks is older than we thought.  According to the publication shown to her, our building at 55 North Main was built in 1837 (possibly 1833).  At 175ish years old that is a bit older than the 140 we suspected (though considerably younger than the birthday Mom just celebrated).

. . . . . . . .

I won't type the whole article but it states, "The doors and windows have wood lintels and lug sills.  This is one clue to its early date, along with tax record property values."

Later the article continues, "The Beckman family owned this house as early as 1849 and for close to 50 years after that.  Joseph Beckman walked between Minster and Piqua to learn the cobbler's trade.  The back addition was used for his cobbler business and the extra large front window farthest to the north was used as a display window."

. . . . . . . .

So that is pretty cool to learn about that.  We suspected that a building that old MUST have served a commercial purpose at one time, especially because of the double doors.

Today was our first "trash day" and boy did we take advantage of it.  Nine bags of trash, an old console tv and a large box of adult diapers, which at first seemed perfectly usable (i.e. donateable or valuable as comic relief at some future event) until we spotted bugs inside the sealed plastic.  Nope.  To the trash they go!  Adam looked especially funny as he rolled the tv down the side yard like he was rolling the bottom layer of a snowman.

Dad dug around to see if he could salvage woodwork.  It's not looking good but we slowly figuring out that there is brick underneath pretty much every wall.  

{ A Door Frame }

His body language seems to be saying, "oh crap - what did we get into?" 

{ A Door Frame - Close Up }

{ The area over the plaster ceiling }

Lots of hay mixed in with that plaster.  
Shoved between the lath boards. (yes, I know what a lath board is now)

{ Like Layers of an Onion }

 "Fabulous" flooring through the years.

Thursday is lawn mowing day.  Two properties in one day.  The thing that stinks about having a new place is that you still have to maintain the old place.  So we need to pay some attention to our home and current office.  I'll leave you with an image of Adam and Batman attending to outdoor duties.


Yup, looking good guys.  Looking good!