From the Depths of the Rubble

The Dark Knight Rises!!!!! 


Batman is our new mascot. He was rescued from a dark pile of dirt, rusty nails, pennies, pens, keys . . .

Speaking of dark piles of dirt, rusty nails, pennies and more.  Mom and I cleaned out the back of the summer kitchen.  To the right of the large fireplace is a staircase that leads up to a hot dry storage area.  To the left is a step down to a damp, cool (smelly) area.  That is the part of the building we tackled.

{ Before }

{ After } 

We stacked the shutters (may or may not use them), moved bricks, disposed of the nice-looking crates that ended up being weak and brittle and not worth keeping.  We swept the floor, avoided the slugs and removed probably 5 bags of trash and three tubs of junk wood.  Yikes.

{ The Clean Up }

Later that night Dad, Adam and his brother Munch (thanks Munch) collected and disposed of most of the junk we just threw out into the yard.

{ Does this look familiar to anyone? }

{ Some cool doors. }  


Need to get onto pinterest to figure out awesome things to do with them.

Dad also trimmed another tree so the outside is looking better.  Adam will mow this week which will help too.  The recycables we left out will soon be disposed of and then we'll dig into that hot dry upstairs and start all over again!