Geez, I leave for 2 minutes

And I suddenly have a new ceiling

Okay, maybe I left for more like 45 minutes.  But still.  Adam and Eric (his Partner in Crime) went to town on the drop ceiling to reveal a different sort of ceiling.  They also removed a closet area, edged the sidewalk (wow, what an improvement that makes) peeled off nasty wall paneling, drank some beer and kept on going.

{ The Hard Working Guys of 55 North Main }

And all that pink stuff had to go somewhere.  

{ Kitchen Area - Before }

{ Kitchen After Being Dumped On }

{ They worked well into the night. }

Today is our day of rest (A.K.A. Day to relax at a wedding celebration and take in the town festival)

Tomorrow on the list is tree trimming (preluded by a prayer that dad doesn't fall out of the tree) and more summer kitchen digging.  Also, I'll introduce our new property mascot who I found hiding in the rubble.

We're having so much fun making friends with our neighbors and meeting new people.  I love how interested people are.  It proves that there are many people who value the remnants of history that make up a small town and enjoy seeing the roots of a humble building being saved.